Alumni Zoom Calls Offer Classmates a Chance to Reconnect

Just as the German Club embraced technology to find new ways to connect, so have the GCAF Development and Alumni Relations committees sought to bring alumni together amidst unique circumstances. Capitalizing on the ubiquity of Zoom videoconferencing, members of the Board of Directors have held 6 mini-reunion alumni zoom calls to date, reaching members from every class between the early 2000s to the late 1970s. 

Calls typically include four contiguous class years and feature a brief update on the Foundation, Club, and key happenings in Blacksburg before attendees are given an open floor to share life updates and catch up with one another. Said Mike Eggleston '73 of his group's call: 

"it was awesome - I got to catch up with fellow alums, some of whom I had not seen since our days as students. Others we would've seen at football tailgates but didn't get to this year, so it was a great way to reestablish personal contact"

Feedback from all groups has been resoundingly positive, with strong attendance among all age groups and German Club men grateful for the chance to rekindle old friendships & reconnect with the Club.

The committee plans to continue hosting calls to include every class year, and hopes to establish the effort as a permanent way for alumni to check-in with each other and stay engaged with the current Club & Foundation.

If you would like to assist with hosting an alumni conference Zoom call for your age group, reach out to Ben at To ensure you receive email notices about the next Zoom call, update your contact information with the Foundation here. If you know a classmate who has not been receiving messages, please forward this email.