German Club Conducts Fall 2020 Virtual Operations, Initiates 12 New Members

In August, as Virginia Tech planned for virtual learning while discouraging in-person student gatherings, it was clear the German Club would need to adapt to continue serving its mission. Despite an upheaval of typical university life due to Covid-19, the Club was able to safely adjust many of its practices and traditions to conduct a complete membership process while strengthening the spirit of service and leadership. 
Utilizing Zoom videoconferencing tools and other technologies, Club members met virtually on a weekly basis to discuss membership and conduct business. Whether a virtual membership format would be as productive as its in-person counterpart was initially unknown, but Vice President for Membership Will Campbell '20 explained that strong Club participation ensured the process ran smoothly.  "We were impressed with how guys stepped up during membership," Will noted, elaborating that members "would Facetime or schedule Zoom meetings to get to know prospective members" when in-person meetings were not feasible. Having successfully initiated 12 new members into the German Club, active membership stands at 66 men, and the Club hopes to complete another successful recruitment and membership selection process in the Spring. 

Leadership, Service, and Fellowship activities continued with virtual adaptations as well. Club members read Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning and discussed leadership principles with Faculty Advisor and Associate Director of University Studies, Dr. Herbert Bruce, via Zoom. As part of the traditional prospective class service project, Club members raised awareness and over $2,500 for Tudor House, a Roanoke-area suicide prevention organization. Restricted to groups smaller than 15 and strictly adhering to mask and social distancing guidelines, Club members found creative ways to foster fellowship and build bonds of brotherly love, including virtual events, movie nights at the Manor, hiking trips, and more. 

While the Club looks forward to more traditional operations and the opportunity to reconnect in-person, each member's earnest work remains an example of their sustained commitment to values of the Ritual and the enrichment of our Alma Mater.