A New Way for German Club Men to Interact

Hello German Club Alumni!

My name is Drew Monsour, and I am the Alumni Secretary of the German Club. I have not had the opportunity to formally introduce myself to many of the graduated members, but I am excited for the chance to help strengthen the relationship between our current members and alumni!

Recently, the Club created a private discussion board through a new Virginia Tech platform known as Hokie Mentorship Connect, which will allow current members and alumni to create and strengthen friendships, mentorships, and professional relationships. This page will serve as an avenue to connect graduates to the current members while providing a common space to collaborate and guide the next generation of German Club alumni. As Alumni Secretary I’m excited to facilitate the valuable mentorship that can occur with collaboration on this platform.

The purpose of the site is to create a centralized discussion board for our alumni and current members to meet. We hope this platform will allow current members to gain a broader perspective on the German Club experience and will be beneficial to alumni looking to reconnect with life at Virginia Tech and in the Club. If you would like to learn more about this program, you can scan the attached QR code to sign up for our page.

To take a passage from the Ritual: “through unbreakable bonds of brotherly love we seek to promote good fellowship among us.” I believe this site will be a great way to foster meaningful interaction and build on the already strong bonds of brotherly love we share.

Thank you for your time and I hope to talk to you all soon,

Drew Monsour ‘22
German Club Alumni Secretary

From Andrew Lessner ‘02, Vice President of German Club Relations:

The German Club has created a page on the new Hokie Mentorship Connect website to allow for the current Club members to virtually interact with German Club Alumni.  We hope this program will help improve career and professional development for our current members while allowing our alumni base to improve their career development. Club members have expressed excitement for this program and have worked closely with faculty advisor Dr. Herbert Bruce to customize and launch our page on this platform. We encourage all of our alumni to sign-up using the QR code and start connecting with our members.