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The German Club is the oldest non-greek fraternal organization at Virginia Tech. It was founded in 1892 to provide a social outlet for the student body, and has transformed over the years to provide the University with an organization dedicated to Leadership, Service, and Fellowship.

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These three pillars of the German Club ring true across the present membership and German Club alumni alike. Over 1900 German Club men are leaders on the Virginia Tech campus, in the military, in industry, and in their own communities, all around the world. German Club men serve in many capacities, while looking forward to opportunities for renewing acquaintances with their friends. German Club men endeavor to remain true to the guiding principals of the German Club Ritual.



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Our members are active in leadership positions in academic societies, the Corps of Cadets, the student body and government, residence halls, and many other aspects of student life. Founded as a social organization, the German Club continues to promote fellowship through socials with sororities, club parties, and the traditional Midwinter’s Dance.

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The Manor is the permanent home of the German Club and the German Club Alumni Foundation.

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