German Club Alumni Foundation

The German Club Alumni Foundation was formally incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on October 20, 1977, carrying a mission is to serve as the unifying force to bring German Club alumni together in continuing fellowship, to foster leadership for service to the German Club, for its alumni, and for Virginia Tech; to perpetuate the German Club as a valuable and viable student organization; and to encourage and support the Club and alumni in their deeds and services which give credence to the Club's ritual and constitution, the principles and code of ethics they espouse and thus to the University's motto 'Ut Prosim'.

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The Foundation for the Future campaign is more than 75% towards raising its $2 million minimum. This money goes towards maintaining and improving the Manor, Alumni and community outreach, and ensuring that young men will have the opportunity to experience the values of the Ritual for years to come.

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