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The German Club Alumni Foundation was founded in 1977 as a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to ensure that all German Club men, as students and alumni of Virginia Tech, experience the ideals espoused in the German Club Ritual, enjoy the fellowship of the Club and build lifelong friendships that come with being a German Club member. The GCAF operates the German Club Manor, mentors the active Club student membership, engages a network of over 1900 living alumni, and supports the betterment of Virginia Tech and the larger university community.

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In April of 2022, the German Club celebrated it's 130th year with a weekend long reunion in Blacksburg. As the student German Club continues to move forward as Virginia Tech's oldest student organization, the German Club Alumni Foundation has concluded it's Foundation for the Future campaign, and remains well positioned to support both the Club and our alumni by fostering leadership, service, and fellowship in all that we do. Your continued support of the German Club Alumni Foundation is, as always, greatly appreciated. We remain committed to expanding alumni and community outreach, while continuing to both preserve and improve the Manor, and ensure that the young men of today's German Club have the opportunity to both live and exemplify the pillars of the Ritual for years to come.

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