Annual Fund

Annual Fund

The GCAF Annual Fund is the single largest source of funds for the Foundation’s annual operating budget. Thanks to the generous and widespread support of our alumni, we recently concluded a successful campaign that increased our permanent endowment by 80%. Our enlarged endowment increased the guaranteed annual income we use for the GCAF operating budget by almost 50%. Nonetheless, the endowment provides less than half of our annual funding requirements, so we will continue to rely on the annual giving by alumni and friends to fund our operations.

We expect the endowment to continue to grow over time with the help of the Virginia Tech Foundation, which manages our endowment accounts and provides additional planned giving resources for our alumni.  But our need for annual contributions will endure; we will always have an annual appeal. The support of the GCAF Annual Fund is critical to the continued success of the GCAF mission elements:

- To perpetuate the German Club as a valuable and viable student organization, and

- To encourage and support the Club and alumni in their deed and services which give credence to the Club's ritual and constitution, the principle and code of ethics they espouse and thus to the University's motto, "Ut Prosim."

- To serve as the unifying force to bring German Club alumni together in continuing fellowship to foster leadership for service to the German Club, for its alumni, and for Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Ways to Give Now

There are many ways to participate in the GCAF Annual Fund. Gifts of any size are appreciated; none is too small. Here are some ways to give today:

- 5 for 5.  Small gifts add up to make a big difference! Consider pledging a $5 minimum monthly gift for 5 years for a total of $300 to help increase our giving rate.  Click here to download a Pledge Form.

- Donate online through the Virginia Tech Foundation.  Be sure to select "Student Organizations" and "German Club Alumni Account" in the drop-down menus.  You earn giving credit from both Virginia Tech and the GCAF.

- Set up a recurring donation or give just once at the “Donate” button on this website.

- Send a check to the German Club Alumni Foundation, either electronically through your bank or via USPS.

- Leave a lasting impression by qualifying for a personally inscribed paver on the Manor's Cutchins Terrace.

- Many corporations match employee charitable contributions.  Click here to learn more about this from the Virginia Tech Foundation.  

Have a question?

Contact the GCAF Executive Director at or by submitting the form below.